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Changing Forum Email Settings

Frequency of Email Notifications

By default, email notifications of forum updates are sent on a daily basis. Either the member or an administrator can change the frequency of the email notifications from daily to weekly or immediately.

Daily forum notifications contains a summary of the previous day's updates. Weekly forum notifications are sent on Sunday night/Monday morning, and contain a summary of the previous week's updates.

Changing Forum Subscription Settings

For Members:

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Click the Email subscriptions link. 
  3. Click the Edit profile button.
  4. In the Forum subscriptions section, you can unsubscribe your existing subscriptions and change the frequency of forum update notifications.
  5. To unsubscribe to a forum or forum topic, uncheck the checkbox beside the forum or topic name. 
  6. To change the frequency of the update notifications, click the dropdown and choose one of the following options:
  7. Option



    A summary of forum updates for each day is sent the following day.


    A summary of forum updates for each week is sent on Sunday night/Monday morning.


    Notifications are sent immediately after an update is made (though the actual delivery could be delayed a few minutes or longer depending on the email server load).

  8. Once finished making changes,click the Save button.

For Administrators:

  1. Find the member in the contact database and display the member's details (including an administrator's profile).
  2. Click the Email settings and log link.
  3. Click the Edit button beside Email preferences
  4. You can now unsubscribe the member's existing subscription and change the frequency of the forum update notifications. An administrator cannot subscribe a member to a forum.
  5. Once finished making changes, click Save.

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