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School Psychology Awareness Week (SPAW)

Power Up! Be A Positive Charge

November 13-17, 2017

During the week of November 13–17, 2017, schools throughout the country will celebrate National School Psychology Awareness Week to highlight the important work school psychologists and other educators do to help all students thrive.

This year's theme is "Power Up! Be a Positive Charge." Our goal is to highlight how taking a small positive action can create momentum for positive change. The idea is that a small spark—a new skill, a piece of knowledge, an extra effort, a kind gesture—can create the connections necessary for students to develop critical academic and social–emotional skills. Sparks can include action words such as dream, laugh, connect, imagine, create, encourage, share, listen, help, explore, try, and speak up. Students can be both the recipients and conduits of a positive charge that generates personal achievement, growth and resilience, and sense of belonging and community.

The theme also applies to adults. With the high demands and ever-growing responsibilities placed on school psychologists, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. It is crucial that school psychologists recognize—and help fellow educators recognize—how even the small actions we each demonstrate every day have a profound impact on the students we serve and on the culture of our school communities. This awareness not only helps bolster adults’ resilience, it serves as a model for students, who look to adults to see how they should interact and engage with the world. By encouraging and valuing intentional, positive efforts, adults and students can grow personally, build understanding, create compassion, and become more resilient. Ultimately, these strengths empower all to feel connected with one another and to take actions—both individually and collectively—to change lives for the better.

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